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The Best places to buy removable wallpaper

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For the past 10 years, my husband and I have rented apartments, condos, and homes. We even lived in 3 different apartments in the same building! While living in the apartments, it wasn’t as important to me to make our place feel like a home. But, once we moved into a condo and then to a house in Connecticut, I decided it was time to make temporary design changes to create some of our own styles. One of my favorite ways to personalize a rental home is with removable wallpaper (or peel & stick wallpaper).

I first used removable wallpaper about 6 years ago after moving from an apartment to a condo. After an extensive search, I found the perfect floral wallpaper for my office from Watercolour Workshop on Etsy! I wanted something to brighten the background in my YouTube videos and be identified in my videos or on social media. Now I’m looking back and the cost of doing the wall was expensive. It was $286 to complete the one wall in my office! But, removable wallpaper has come a long way since back then and is much more affordable if you know where to look.

removable wallpaper

There are SO many incredible removable wallpaper companies and brands. I am in the process of selecting my own removable wallpaper for my office in our Ohio home rental and this blog post was just the research I needed to get ideas!

1. MUSE – “the world is your canvas”

What I really like about MUSE is the selection of high-quality prints. They offer a lot of information on their page about installation, faq’s, etc. which I found very helpful. You will notice as you look over many different websites, some of them offer very similar prints. I ordered a sample of this one and a few others to try in my office.

removable wallpaper -  muse wall blue
Blue Blooms design from Simplified® by Emily Ley


Katie Kime doesn’t offer a lot of options for removable wallpaper but the designs offered are sublime! If you are looking for a unique design in a quality product, this is the place to shop. You are able to order samples of most of the wallpapers and Katie Kime even offers regular wallpaper options. Regular wallpaper is not recommended if you are in a rental situation.



Spoonflower is unique because not only do they have thousands of designs by independent artists, but they also offer you the ability to upload your own design and print it. This is the ultimate customization. Not only do they offer wallpaper but they also can make matching fabrics and other products for the removable wallpaper.

removable wallpaper chinoiserie peel and stick
Soft Blue Elsie’s Garden Wallpaper by danika_herrick – SPOONFLOWER


One of my favorite things about Eazy Walls is the vibrant and diverse wall murals. These are also removable wallpaper options and give LIFE to any room. I’m writing this post from Lake Tahoe right now so fittingly I chose a gorgeous lake as the example photo. You can also find regular repeating patterns on Eazy Wallz too.

Another option offered by Eazy Wallz is to upload your own photo! You can take a high-resolution photo yourself and create a wall mural.

removable wallpaper peel and stick mural
Moraine Lake Wall Mural – Eazy Wallz


I can’t speak personally to the Wallshoppe products, but I ordered several samples to try. I will report back on what I think after the samples arrive and I am able to try them out. They offer fabrics, murals, art, and more. They even offer something called Kraft Wallpaper making it look vintage and textured. But, I think it is not removable wallpaper.

removable wallpaper
‘Roman Holiday Woven’ Wallpaper By Barbie™ – Cornflower


As you can imagine, Lowes offers a large selection of removable wallpaper. Several different brands are sold online and in some select stores. Although, I don’t have much luck finding it in the stores.

removable wallpaper lowes
Allen + Roth Gray Plaid Removable Wallpaper


Home Depot offers very similar items to the other big box stores. But, you never know if you might find a pattern or style that isn’t on another site. I found most of these removable wallpapers are on other sites for a wide variety of pricing. Make sure you do some research on the pattern before committing!

removable wallpaper home depot
LILLIAN AUGUST Luxe Haven Hampton Blue Coastal Lattice Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Target doesn’t have the biggest selection of removable wallpaper in the stores, but they seem to offer a lot more online. They offer some of the same designs and brands as the other companies. However, their brands Project 62 and Opalhouse have their own styles.

Facet Geometric Peel & Stick Wallpaper Navy/Gold - Project 62™
Facet Geometric Peel & Stick Wallpaper Navy/Gold – Project 62™


The women who created Tempaper started in 2006 to find a solution for creating amazing wall art. By 2020, their website states they’ve shipped over 500,000 units! What an incredible accomplishment and I love they are a woman-owned business.

Tempaper has several collaborations with artists, including its latest with Alice & Olivia. Not only do they offer temporary wallpaper but they sell wall murals, wall decals, custom prints, and even rugs!


HaokHome Peel and Stick Wallpaper Large Floral Removable
HaokHome Peel and Stick Removable Wallpaper Large Floral

Other Amazon removable wallpapers I’ve used over the past couple of years. The Blue grasscloth is in my living room, the black hearts will be in my guest room, and the blue floral my office. The pink palm trees I am not sure what to do with the but it is amazing! The pink palm trees give off a Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach vibe.

Before you forget, you will need a couple of other supplies to make this project a success. Some kind of Exacto knife or a box cutter, a smoothing tool, scissors, and a sewing needle (for popping air bubbles). Amazon has a little kit for less than $15 with everything you need.


Wallpops offers a wide variety of removable products. I believe I’ve seen this brand sold in some stores as well. They offer backsplash tiles, wall decals, floor decor, backsplashes, window film, and accents.

One really cool feature Wallpops offers on its website is the ability to preview its products in your space.

There are also designer collaborations with WallPops, like Scott & Drew from HGTV.

12. chasing paper


I don’t know how to describe Menards if you’ve never experienced the store. It has every tool and building accessory you can imagine, including painting, and construction needs, and yet they still manage to have food and drinks, pet products, and more! I spend a lot of time meandering around in Menards, especially on Friday nights when they have a live piano player – it’s pretty amazing. Also, if you are there during a rebate time, make sure to send in your 11% rebate! it is very simple and you get that money back to spend in their store. I use it for my other projects.

Magnolia HomeWillow Peel & Stick Wallpaper
Magnolia HomeWillow Peel & Stick Wallpaper

There are so many unique products out there to create a customized decor style in your home. Regardless of your personal style, there are temporary products to transform your home! Some are affordable, others are more expensive but they all offer the opportunity to add charm to your home!

Do you have a favorite removable wallpaper? Any tips or experience you want to add?

Please comment below!

Until the next project,


Peel and Stick Wallpaper

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