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Creative & Fun Frozen Theme Birthday Party Ideas – Pretty Crafty Lady

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Eeek! A Frozen Theme Birthday Party!

One of the best parts about moving from Connecticut back to Ohio is helping plan my nieces’ and nephews’ birthday parties! Since my husband and I do not have kids, I live vicariously through my sister-in-law and my cousin with all things kid related. Some of my creative outlets come from being a hostess, cake decorator, and party planner. I love to try a little bit of everything when it comes to crafts and hobbies.

My nieces turned 2 and 3 this year for the Frozen Party. Stella (2) goes with the flow, she’s super easy but Ruby (3) is a little more demanding! She decided on a Frozen-theme party and wanted to dress up in princess costumes. Of course, I immediately started a Pinterest board to fill with ideas. 

The Frozen party was family and friends, mostly adults and I think we planned for 8-10 kiddos. Ruby really isn’t into sharing right now so I planned to have 2 coordinating cakes. Since Ruby is the older sister, she wanted the Elsa-themed cake and Stella ended up with Anna. I will end up going into more detail on how I decorated these cakes in another post. It is just too much to put in this one.  


It took me a couple of days to finish the cakes. They turned out pretty great! The most hilarious thing about this cake was Frozen characters I got on Amazon. Boy were they interesting… I’ll add the link so you can see them – but check out the photo reviews because they are hysterical. 

I attempted to make snowflake cookies. The key word here is ATTEMPTED! I used Aldi’s Baker’s Corner cookie mix and added some extra tablespoons of flour to make the cutouts. Trying to prevent putting out plain cookies, I used premade cookie icing and filled in the cookies. Let them dry for a bit before adding anything else to them. 

To make it easy peasy, I popped some snowflake wafers on them and added premade sugar art icons to the top. I think they turned out pretty cute!

Frozen Cookies

My absolute favorite dessert item is the Elsa hair braided pretzel rods. For these, I make several strings of molding white chocolate and made sure they were all the same length. Then I braided them together, attached them to the pretzel rods (I just used the generic pretzel rods) with edible glue, and added a blue bow at the top. The white chocolate was added to a silicone mold and then sprayed blue with my air gun. But, you can also just use blue fondant or blue melting chocolate as well. 

Frozen Elsa Braids


I will fully admit I ordered some costumes from Aliexpress and the shoes came from amazon (Purple & Blue). They are amazing. Stella usually ended up with the passed-down shoes so she couldn’t contain herself when she got her own pair. 

The costumes (Elsa & Anna) came with a crown, wand, earrings, necklace, fake ponytails, and dresses. They aren’t the best quality, similar to a cheap Halloween costume. But, the girls absolutely loved them and they fit them perfectly. I think Stella’s Anna dress was a little too long and we just pinned it up for her so she wouldn’t trip. 

I did order crowns from the Disney store on clearance. They were well made and looked pretty but a little too heavy for the girls. I think I was wearing them at one point. 

I don’t normally post them on my social media but these outfits were just too adorable. 


The BEST news for having a Frozen theme party is there are A LOT of decorations in purple, blue, and teal. All the colors from the movie. You can find Frozen party decorations just about everywhere. I purchased a bunch of teal and purple items at the dollar tree! To save the most money, don’t forget to check places like Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, 5 Below, and other discount stores.

We are all about saving money and DIY as much as we can when we have parties. 

My sister-in-law is the balloon artist. I don’t have the patience for it and I don’t enjoy creating them. She probably doesn’t love doing it but she always makes it look so good! Pick your DIY projects wisely and work with what you love, outsource the rest.

We ordered balloons from Amazon and Shein. Most of the stuff from Shein is the same as Amazon but at a fraction of the price. You just can’t find Disney theme products on Shein.

I was shocked at how many items Shein had that were snowflake or winter themes. You can’t search Frozen decorations on their website, no search results are found. But, you can search for items like blue and purple party decorations, snowflakes, icicles, ice princesses, and more.

Frozen Party Items Purchased from Shein:

I wanted to have a candy bar or a candy charcuterie board but since there weren’t a lot of kids coming, we made it smaller. It was more like a mini candy bar. Most of the candy was purchased from different places. Blue dum dum suckers, little meringue birthday treats from TjMaxx, blue chocolate balls, teal rock candy suckers from Walmart, chocolate dipped pretzel wands (rods), gumballs from Michaels, and some marshmallow candy bites. 

Don’t buy anything at Michael’s without a coupon!

The teal serving dishes are from the dollar tree, and so are the candy jars and the tall containers. Giant Elsa and Anna’s cutouts are from Amazon. They are amazing but a little pricey for a budget party. The girls now have them in their bedroom as a decoration. In February, I bought the Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow cardboard cutout for my nephew’s birthday from Party City. 

My sister-in-law rented a small table and chairs for the kids and she decorated it beautifully! She decided to put a sheet down under the table because it was on the carpet, not aesthetically pleasing but certainly practical. Purple tulle was wrapped around each chair to make a pretty bow and then a snowflake fabric piece I bought from Shein was under the centerpiece of snowy trees on the table. 

As you can see, we threw a great Frozen theme birthday party on a limited budget. The girls absolutely loved their party, the costumes and all the treats. If you spend a little bit of time doing some research on decorations and pricing, you can really get something done!

Have you seen a Frozen project you love? Tell me about it in the comments!

Until the next project,


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